Fluidized-bed dryers and vibrofluidized-bed dryers, screw feeders and vibratory feeders, belt conveyors, bucket conveyors and vibrating conveyors, metal structures and non-standard equipment - all of the above is far from what we can offer our customers.

The basic principle of our work is not just selling standard equipment but in solving the processing problems of our customers with minimum investment and operating expenditures most efficiently.

Fluidized-bed dryers and vibrofluidized-bed dryers form the basis of our process solutions. Such devices are not a cure-all solution since they cannot be multipurpose by definition, unlike the drum dryers, for example. However, their use produces an impressive economic effect in the areas of their application. Indeed, our customers found that in practice.

Efficient organization of operational, processing and managerial processes, strict internal supervision of the quality of research and development work, as well as equipment manufacturing process, allows us to guarantee our customers the expected end result which can be described in terms of quality, pricing and time frames.

One more line of our activity is the provision of services for optimization of existing drying lines in terms of audit of processing procedure and minimization of power consumption. Judging from our experience, the allowable change of operation modes of the existing equipment and simple upgrading of certain components allows us saving from 10 to 25% (in particular cases – up to 50%) of expenditures connected with energy consumption in addition to minimum investment expenditures.